Fusible Batting (a must use)


I was in the market for batting (naturally, seeing that I’m making a quilt) and was trying to decide what to use (which is typically decided by the cost of the item – cheapest ALWAYS winning:). I was shopping in Hobby Lobby and discovered Fusible Batting by Hobbs Heirloom. I thought, wow, it couldn’t get much better than this if I’m going to be sewing it myself (not taking it to a professional that has an awesome digital quilting machine with stretcher boards, etc.)!! You just have to iron all of your layers together and then start sewing! Awesome. I was a little skeptical so I asked the sales associate in the fabric department whom I’d spoken with before about quilting, etc. She’s super nice, but apparently a quilting snob because she said that she’d never tried using the fusible batting before, turning her nose up and giving a look of disapproval to me for even thinking of using something other than the traditional cotton batting. Oh well, I bought it anyway and LOVE IT! I seriously doubt I’ll ever use anything else, unless I’m making a summer quilt, in which case use use an old sheet (or some other thin material) for the batting.  If you’re in the market for batting, I highly recommenced giving this stuff a try.


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