Quilting Project Overview


Here goes nothing…

I’m working on a quilt for my dearest Grandmother (it’s a Christmas present, so keep it on the down low). I was given the idea to blog about my progress while making the quilt, so I’ve decided to do just that. I’m already about half way through the making of the quilt and now am working to stitch it all together (quilt top, batting and backing). Please join me on my journey as I finish the quilt.

A little history of the quilt and it’s design: The blocks that you see in the quilt were made many years ago by my Great-Great Aunt Silvia (probably fabric from the 1920’s and 1930’s), who was married to my Grandpa’s brother. The other fabrics used within the sashes, cornerstones and borders of the quilt came from three different sources: my personal stash, some remnants from my mother and some remnants from my mother-in-law (which included some remnants from her sister as well). Overall, the quilt is rather old fashioned looking. It’s not something I would choose for my personal household, although I know that sometime in the future (hopefully the far distant future) this quilt will come into my possession again and I’ll most likely pass it on to my little sweet-pea. It’s got a lot of history in it, which in the end makes it beautiful.

Typically I would machine quilt the layers together, either myself, or take it to the professionals to do for me. The first quilt I made, which was a Christmas present for my sweat-pea last year, was taken to the professionals and they did a good job, but it cost me $65…ouch! The second quilt I made, just last month, I decided to do myself. I machined quilted the majority of it together (sashes and cornerstones) and hand quilted the interior of the blocks. It wasn’t too terribly difficult to do, but I found machine quilting to be the biggest challenge in that sometimes the layers would get out of line and stretch a bit causing some of the blocks to be misaligned. In the end, after washing the finished quilt, it looked great, so it wasn’t a big deal (and I know the person to receive it as a Christmas present this year will love it). So now that I’m working on this quilt, the third quilt of my quilting history, I decided I’d keep with the ‘old fashioned’ style and hand quilt the entire thing together.

Special note: I am a beginner. The techniques that I use I’ve gathered from some quilting books my mother-in-law lent to me, as well as various online videos. I’m pretty sure the technique I use for hand quilting is wrong in every way, but it seems to work the best for me (and I’ve tried to do it the traditional way).

I hope you enjoy following my progress!


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