My quilting tools


The tools to get the job done..maybe not the 'right' tools, but it's what I use.

In this picture you see a large hoop, this is a quilting hoop. It’s a wooden hoop that has a screw on the outer hoop that can be tightened to ensure your quilt and other layers are held together securely. The hoop I use is 14″ round.

Also included are a small pair of scissors, hand-quilting thread, a set of quilting needles (of various sizes), a thimble (orange) as well as a homemade thimble that consists of a piece of cardboard and electrical tape. I use this one for my thumb, which is the primary digit I use to push the needle through the fabric layers.

The odd item out is the pair of needle-nose pliers. Not sure if any other quilters use pliers when they sew or not, but I most definitely have to. I used it to pull the needle through the fabric after I’ve weaved it 3-6 times. I tried and tried to pull the needle out using my finger and thumb, but it was so difficult for me! I thought there had to be another way, so I now use pliers, which work wonderfully!! You must be very careful when pulling your needle with pliers. If they pliers slip they will scratch your needle, which is bad for smooth sewing. Also, you can easily bread the tip off your needle, which is VERY bad for smooth sewing, in fact, you simply cannot continue and must use a new needle to proceed with your project.

**Confession: I have only completed two blocks of my Grandmother’s quilt and I am already on my 3rd needle. Looks like I may need all 25 needles that came in the assorted needle kit I bought at walmart. Hah!**


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