Starting the sewing process!


Quilt top, batting and backing all pined, ironed and ready to be hand sewn together.

After every thing is sewn together I’ll bind the quilt together with a 5/8ths inch border of fabric that matches the mauve color border seen next to the outside layer.

I started hand sewing the blocks together yesterday and it took me a little over 1.5 hours to complete ONE block — eeeek! At this pace I should be finished with the quilt in about a month (there are 25 blocks, one a day, then binding it all together). I may be able to complete more than one block a day, but it depends on my little sweet-pea’s nap length and my energy level at the end of the day (seeing that I’m 29 weeks pregnant the energy level could tapper off dramatically as the days progress).

I completed another block today during nap time, so I’m now 2 blocks down with 23 to go! Woohoo!


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