Repainting the Laundry room and Bathroom


When my husband and I built our home I picked out most of the paint colors. I chose several earthy tones and picked out a few that were on the darker end of the spectrum…such as the orange color pictured below in our bathroom and laundry room downstairs. I really like the paint color, but I’m ready for a change! The orange is very limiting when it comes to decorating (it’s orange, you either go white, black, brown or maybe green) and I really want it to be a fresh area, so we’re repainting the walls. We’ve decided to paint the walls a very neutral beige color…yes, we’re making it boring, but it will be very versatile and easy to update with some simple redecorating.

In the beginning:

As you can see below, we’ve started the project and area ALMOST finished!! Yay! Since I’m seven months pregnant my husband is doing all the painting…he insisted, so sure, I’ll let him :) he’s really the best! Hopefully the painting will be complete tomorrow.

Where we are now:
Laundry room walls are done. Bathroom walls are almost done.

After the walls are painted I’m going to install new shelving in the laundry room above the washer and dryer. The shelving will be painted the same color as our trim. I’ll also be painting the inside of the exterior door, which you can see has never been painted even though we’ve been living here 5 years (what can I say, some things just aren’t a priority), it too will be the same color as the trim.

Exciting times here at the house!


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