My version of Salsa


Two large tomatoes, half a bell pepper, and one small red onion, mixed it with a bit of lemon juice, salt, pepper, cilantro and garlic. It made a pretty good-sized portion of pico (my favorite kind of salsa). I didn’t add jalapenos because I figured I’d be sharing it with my sweet-pea (who’s two).

Soooo, i just made this as a side to my lunch and I’ve almost finished the ENTIRE bowl. Sheesh. Porker. There’s just something about fresh salsa and On The Border chips – you just can’t quit it once you get started. emmmm. It can’t be bad for you, well maybe the chips can be, but the salsa is all good stuff (maybe that’s why I consume so much of it, my mind is telling me it’s good for me and quietly forgetting about the chips….*as I take another bite*).

As you can see the bag of chips is almost empty! I’m going to save the rest of the salsa for sweet-pea, I know she’ll be happy to have some once she’s up from her nap.


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