Finally finished the quilt!


That’s right, folks, I thought the day would never come, but the hand quilting project is complete. Yippee!!

Here’s a quick summary of what’s been done over the last few days:

Once I finished hand stitching all of the blocks I was ready to trim the edges of the quilt. I used a 12″ square at the corners and then a 24″ ruler for the rest. Fortunately everything squared up perfectly and the quilt folds gloriously (yes, gloriously…I love it when a quilt is perfectly square (or almost so) – it makes me smile).

After trimming off all excess batting and backing I made the binding for the quilt. I used coordinating fabric to match the cornerstones within the quilt and the inside border. You’ll see the finished binding is wrapped around a spool of thread. I just did this to collect it, but later realized a GREAT way to utilize the spool while sewing the binding to the quilt. I ran a piece of elastic through the center hole of the spool and safety-pinned the ends together and put it around my neck, like a necklace. This kept the binding, which is extremely long, neat and in order (not sitting in a pile at my feet getting twisted and tangled as I was sewing). Perhaps it’s something I could patent one day – ha! Well, you never know. I guess I better get on it since I’m posting this on my public blog. You can see a picture of me wearing the binding necklace below.

To finish attaching the binding to the quilt I lined up the open ends and pressed them backwards where they met (to make a line in the fabric). I placed the fabric right sides together and sewed where the pressed lines met. Once sewn together I turned the fabric ends and lined them up with the quilt to make sure the binding was long enough to finish the edge without the quilt bunching. Not too hard to do, just make sure everything lines up before trimming your fabric. Once the binding was all attached I pressed it to the outside in preparation for finishing.

To finish the binding I simply folded it over the edge to the back of the quilt and ran a blind stitch to tack it all together. Here’s a great video tutorial on how to do a blind stitch, which includes finishing your mitered corners. It didn’t take me too long to finish blind stitching the binding. I finished one side last night and then the rest of it today. This is definitely a step I was looking forward to doing, because it’s the LAST step. ha!

So happy the quilt is done. I know my Grandma will love it.

So what’s next…..yep, another quilt. I think I’ll take a week off though and start fresh. This one shouldn’t take near as long because I’m going to machine quilt it. It’s going to be a radiant 9 patch quilt. Can’t wait to get started!!


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