The best Gingersnap Cookies in the world!


Earlier this week I made a batch of gingersnap cookies. They were so good!!! I say were because they are gone. I ate so many the first few days, then luckily a friend came over and I was able to give some away. I continued to eat and eat and eat them (mind you, I’m in the home stretch of my pregnancy and my sweet tooth has taken over my mind and any will power that may have existed in me to not eat sweets), so I decided to put the rest of them on a platter and take them to a lunch party I had yesterday (ok, I admit it, I did leave 4 for myself to enjoy last night:).
Anywho…I wanted to share the recipe with you because they are so easy to make and are perfect for the fall weather. The recipe makes up to 40 cookies (depends on how big you like your cookies to be). They are incredibly moist (which means they will break easily if you stack them unevenly in a plastic bag or container) and they freeze really well (if you can control yourself and not eat them all in a matter of days).

Gingersnap Cookies

3/4 c butter, melted
3/4 c dark brown sugar, packed (can be light brown sugar too, just use what you have)
1 egg
3/4 c molasses
3 c sifted flour
1/4 tsp salt (use kosher if you have it)
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger
sugar (for rolling)

Cream butter and brown sugar together. Add egg and molasses; beat well. Sift flour with salt, soda and spices; add to molasses mixture and mix well. Chill in refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Form into balls and roll in sugar. Place 2 inches apart on cookie sheet (if you have parchment paper or a baking mat, then line the pan with that, it makes for easy clean up). Bake at 375º for 10 minutes. (do not over bake!).


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