Re-purposed Sweater: New Toddler Sweater Dress


Yesterday night I didn’t have anything to do […well, I had plenty to do, like try to find a name for my soon-to-be-born son (which has proven to be extremely hard!)…], so I was checking my email and saw that someone started following me on pinterest, specifically my sewing tutorials board, which contains only one tutorial at the moment. The tutorial is of a cute, cute, cute re-purposed sweater to sweater dress found here. Looking at this tutorial again got me so excited, because I remembered that I had already pulled a sweater out of the closet to use as my first attempt at a re-purposed sweater dress for my sweet pea!! Needless to say I got started on it right away, and it wasn’t long before the dress was DONE!

The dress fits and is so cute! I love it and she seems to as well. Oh what a happy day it is when the sewn garment fits the person you made it for…and they like it!! I foresee myself making many sweater dresses for her in the very near future…hello new winter wardrobe.

Here’s a picture tutorial of how I made the dress. It’s so simple, you should try it too!
(see the link above for more detailed instruction if you are planning on trying this project out for your little one)
[I wish the color was better on my pictures, but I do most of my sewing at night, so my pictures aren’t as vibrant as I’d like. You can see the true color of the sweater-dress in the pictures taken of my daughter outside (shown above).]

The sweater, awaiting its next chapter in life:

The first cut is always the hardest, you just got to go for it!

Cut in armholes. Next time I will cut the body of the dress wider and add the armholes afterward, taking in the shoulder width a little at that time.

The next step is to sew up the sides. Pretty simple. I wasn’t pleased with the width of the neck so I cut a “V” shave into the back taking out about two inches of the neck.

Cut the sleeves. I used a dress that currently fits my sweet pea as a pattern. I new that the sleeve would be wide, so I cute it exactly to the length of the sleeve on the little dress, knowing that it would become smaller once I sewed in a 3/8″ seam at the shoulder.

Pinned the sleeve to the dress. [Pinning is important to make sure that it will fit. I had to cut the armhole a little wider to accommodate the width of the sleeve.]

Finished sleeve:

After the sleeves were attached I turned the dress out to see the finished product. The dress looks great, but the neck was WAY to ‘floppy’ – it looks like a clown neck, which is why I never really wore the sweater in the first place. So, I decided to turn the collar down (in half) and hand sew it in place using a blind stitch.

Finished product:

Just for fun, here are a few more pictures of my sweet pea in the dress:

Dress from side and dress from back:


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