A mother of a beautiful little girl and soon-to-be-born little boy. Blessed with a wonderful, hard working husband who loves me and our children unconditionally. Raised by two of the best parents in the word. Born into a blessed life. God fearing and Jesus loving. Thankful for all the wonderful blessings I’ve been given, and the grace of God that forgives me when I stumble.

I’m a little bit of a busy body. I like to keep myself occupied with various projects, play dates, updates, cooking adventures and activities with the kiddo and husband. Not a big fan of naps; however, when I’m pregnant, I take naps more often than not. I love to sew. It’s a relatively new hobby that I’ve picked up over the last few years. I’m self taught, so not everything’s perfect, but that’s ok. I mainly sew little girls clothing and make quilts. I love to cook as well and often spend hours in the kitchen preparing tasty meals and treats. I definitely have a sweet tooth, but am trying hard to ignore it lately…ha! Photography is a lot of fun for me and I really enjoy taking pictures of people, especially pictures of my little girl. She’s not always a willing subject, being two years old, but I’m hoping that will change as she gets older. I also love gardening, playing soccer, road biking, hiking and fishing. I’m a really big fan of the outdoors!

Right now I’m ‘nesting’ in preparation for the birth of my second child, as son. He should be here sometime in November. We are so excited to meet him! Based on all the movement he does in my tummy I’m sure he’s going to be an active little boy!

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. I’ll probably update this page sometime in the near future. Until then, thanks for checking out my little space on the internet.


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